Frequently Asked Questions

Fake news and misinformation is rapidly spreading online and through mass media. It's time to take back the narrative.

Police collaborationists do not represent the general sentiment inside the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. We are not asking for reforms. We are not going away. We will be out here EVERY DAY.
Black Lives Matter. Abolish The Police.

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I want to head down to CHAZ, what should I bring?
The occupation at CHAZ is looking for: - Clothes: belts, shirts and pants - Cigarettes + lighters - Lanterns / headlamps - Portable Solar Chargers - Gatorade or electrolyte powder - Backpacks and reuseable bags - TENTS! and other sleeping materials - Tracfone Minutes Card - Body lotion - shoes - bedding - zip ties - folding chairs - laundry bags - personal fans - body wash - disinfectant - sunglasses
Can I bring my kids?
Anyone is allowed in CHAZ but remember, this is protesting ground. If you would not take your child to a protest, it's best you don't take them here. CHAZ is safe but there are fascists and police officers looking to stir things up.
Are dogs allowed?
Yes but they need to be leashed!
How do I get there?
Parking is free. Navigate to the park by taking the exit at Broadway and Denny, then find a parking space nearby. You can also take public transit , the SoundTransit light rail Capitol Hill Station is the closest to the zone but be warned that may be shut down if police move in. The major bus routes to the area are the 10, 11, 12, 48 and 49.
Is there really a cow ?
No, this rumour started as a joke that got taken way too seriously.
Does CHAZ have a leader or formal structure?
No, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone has no leader or formal governance right now.
What about Raz Simone ? I heard he was a warlord.
Not only is this rumour incredibly racist, it's flat out false. Raz Simone is not in charge. Earlier a video was uploaded showing him getting into a physical altercation with another protestor. Although we condemn his actions here, the issue was resolved and talked through peacefully.
Did you guys really run out of food ?
Of course not! It's only been a few days and there are plenty of restaurants within CHAZ. Homeless from all over Seattle are welcome to come down and join the community. Mutual aid stands are scattered throughout and have been providing free meals since the start. People are free to come and go as they please, so food shortages will not be an issue.
Are there really border checkpoints and extortion rings?
Again, no. This rumour was started on a infamous Seattle blog before being peddled by both the main stream media and the Seattle Police Department. It is categorically false, and both have backtracked the claims. This rumour was proven false well before any outlets got ahold of it, but they ran with the lie anyway. You will not have your ID checked and there are not armed guards. People are free to come and go as they please. Plenty of videos show nothing like this happening. Business owners have also denied these allegations.
Is this an anarchist paradise?
Not really, no. CHAZ is a small section of Seattle Washington left to rot by its leaders. Protestors gather here and have reclaimed the space for the people.
Where are all these fake stories coming from?
Most of these rumours are originating on the politics board on 4chan. They have a informal operation to discredit CHAZ from behind their keyboards. If you really want to know what's going on down here, come see for yourself!
Crime has skyrocketed and they aren't letting police in!
This rumour stems for a statistic being peddled by the same corrupt officials that invented extortion accusations. It is baseless, the SPD's own website proves it false and no reports from inside CHAZ can back it up.
Are businesses open in CHAZ?
Yes, some however have boarded up and remain closed either due to protests or COVID-19.
What can I do?
If you're in the area, just head down here!
Do people have guns in CHAZ?
Things are peaceful in CHAZ but open carry is legal in Washington. Some protestors have been sighted with guns.
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